Woman II

You, dear woman are indeed a blessing! There is more to you than you can ever imagine. Last time, we looked through some vital instructions as to how to help your spouse fulfill his God-given goals. In continuation, here are some more instructions;

7. Never compare him with any other man in words or action. This is so important. He is unique, make him feel important and cared for.

8. He loves to be admired. Admire him and appreciate him for little gestures. He’ll do more when he senses or hears appreciation.

9. Be careful what you say to him. There’s a right thing to say, a right time to say it, and a right way to say it. Listen to him and be sensitive to his mood.

10. Learn to forgive faults. Do not keep grudges, Do not nag. He can’t stand that. Proverbs 21:9 says; “it is better to live alone in the desert than with a crabby complaining wife”.

11. Ask the right questions. This involves tact and understanding. Despite all the questions in your heart, which obviously need answers, you must ask them patiently and wisely. Never use the attack approach. You may not get the right answer.

It takes a lot of grace and patience to do the above, but you must not be weary in well doing. The reward is great and fulfilling. When he’s standing tall, before kings, and fulfilling his God-given vision, you can look and say, “that’s MY man”.
Your labour in the secret is always rewarded in the open because God is just and faithful.

Indeed, behind every successful man is a successful woman!!



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