I stood with strong charges,
OFFENCE – Breaking Genesis 2 section 16 &17,
A crime against the Almighty
No one dared to bail me
Detained and adjourned were my dreams,
Amidst hopelessness, I pleaded guilty to the charge,
When suddenly, I heard footsteps, like in a war,
Then I heard the voice of CHRIST saying
The earth quaked, the nations trembled, the mountains skipped like rams,
The oppressed delivered, victims became victors,
My offence was dropped and freedom became mine,
He reached down into the depths of sin, picked me up, washed me in His blood,
Took away my stony heart and put in a heart of flesh,
Put a robe of righteousness on me and wrote my name in the Book of Life,
He adopted me as His very own and called me Daughter (Son)
Indeed, Mercy spoke on my behalf!
Indeed I am free!

In His Mercy,



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