Thank You Lord

I got tired of my struggles,
Of crouching over heatless fires,
In my lonely bedroom, I began to think
Then I remembered Your Love,
Your ever persistent kindness,
I remembered that You are my shepherd and You will not make me want.
Though I have reddened your green pastures because of my sins
And because I longed for much more than I needed,
Then I cried out ‘Have Mercy On Me Lord’!
You heard me, You answered me,
Then I felt a peace that I could not comprehend come over me,
Happiness, contentment and fulfillment was all I could feel,
I realized that you had never left nor forsaken me
Your love was always there, I just didn’t run to You.
Thank You for this grace Lord,
Thank You Lord!









This was the title of a message our student pastor preached to us one Sunday, 9 years ago while in the university. The title came to mind recently. I began to think and I remembered all that I learnt that day and how it has helped me tremendously over the years. I want to share what I learnt. I believe someone needs it today.
Most people base their love on what other people are able to do for them, but the love turns awry when things don’t go the way they want. Like when we demand something from someone and don’t get it, we feel we’ve been let down. There are many reasons for such; the person may not have the capacity to give what we’re asking; he/she might feel we do not really need what we’re asking after listening (when we ask for the wrong things); the timing isn’t right as to deliver what we’re demanding; or the person is out rightly selfish! Lol.
So, I discovered that we also love things to work out our way even in our dealings with God; instant blessings. But really, God has plans for everyone and He alone knows ‘what’ we need per time and ‘when’ we need it. This is where TRUST in GOD comes in. TOTAL TRUST. God is more sensitive to our needs than any human can be. He shows up on time even when it looks late in our perspective. He is GOD not man.
A typical biblical example is the story of Mary, Martha and their brother Lazarus in John 11; 1-14. Lazarus was sick and they requested that Jesus should come. Jesus did not respond immediately. Verse 5 says that Jesus loved Martha, her sister and Lazarus. There was no doubt of his love for them even in their trial. But instead of going to them as soon as they asked for him, He stayed 2 more days where He was…..

When He finally showed up, Lazarus was dead and had been buried for four days! Obviously it would seem that there was no hope. Martha also said ‘Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died’. How many times have we thought this way? How many times have we made such a statement in different ways? If only God had……, If God can just…..
But Martha quickly added, ‘I know that whatever you ask God, He will give you’. We must always trust God and learn to encourage ourselves in trials. Make it a lifestyle to always speak positive, in accordance to God’s word. Martha believed God and encouraged herself even though death had occurred. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead before their eyes. Mary and Martha called unto Jesus the Healer, but Jesus the Life-giver showed up!
Whatever it is that you are going through, do not limit God. In verse 37, before Jesus raised Lazarus, some people said, ‘if Jesus could open the eyes of the blind, couldn’t he have kept Lazarus from dying’? Do not listen to what people say especially negative things in your period of trials, because Jesus the Life-Giver is on His way to you, and believe me, He always shows up when you trust Him totally. It might seem late, know that He loves you and knows what’s best for you. So, I say to you, God might come late, but, He comes eventually, in a big way!


Love Always, 


Please Take Heed


Saw this somewhere and decided to share.
Here is a list of things you need to teach your
Child(ren) at early age:

1: Warn your Girl Child Never to sit on anyone’s
laps no matter the situation including uncles.
2: Avoid Getting Dressed in front of your child
once he/she is 2 years old. Learn to excuse them or yourself.
3. Never allow any adult refer to your child as
‘my wife’ or ‘my husband’
4. Whenever your child goes out to play with
friends make sure you look for a way to find out what kind of play they do, because young people now sexually abuse themselves.
5. Never force your child to visit any adult he or
she is not comfortable with and also be
observant if your child becomes too fond of a
particular adult.
6. Once a very lively child suddenly becomes
withdrawn you may need to patiently ask lots of questions from your child.
7. Carefully educate your grown ups about the
right values of sex . If you don’t, the society will
teach them the wrong values.
8: It is always advisable you go through any new Material like cartoons you just bought for them before they start seeing it themselves.
9. Ensure you activate parental controls on your cable networks and advice your friends
especially those your child(ren) visit(s) often.
10. Teach your 3 year olds how to wash their
private parts properly and warn them never to
allow anyone touch those areas and that
includes you (remember, charity begins from
home and with you).
11: Blacklist some materials/associates you think could threaten the sanity of your child (this includes music, movies and even friends and families).
12. Let your child(ren) understand the value of
standing out of the crowd.
13: Once your child complains about a particular person, don’t keep quiet about it.
Take up the case and show them you can defend them.
Remember, we are either parents or parents-to be, and remember “THE PAIN LASTS A LIFETIME”